As a small, friendly and closely-bonded team, which is gathered around the same values and philosophy, we serve fresh and high-quality food, based on a unique combination of sushi and hot dishes. We offer more than 30 different kinds of dishes, served with Japanese culinary style and authentic asian ingredients, accompanied with modern twists, in order to please both the eye and palate.

Created as a fusion between Japanese traditional cuisine and modern gastronomic trends by Chef Giorgi Khvistani, “RAMEKAI” instantly became one of the most recognized and loved establishments in Tbilisi from the first days of its’ establishment back in April 2018.

Main concept of the restaurant was based on the Chef’s long-term and diverse professional background, obtained at the most prominent asian restaurants of Tbilisi, where in its’ turn the Chef underwent high-class professional training under the supervision of one of the most prominent figures of asian gastronomic world. Consequently, destiny of the restaurant was determined from the very beginning. It had to be anything, but “just another sushi bar”.

The main motto, which drove RAMEKAI from its first days of existence was to create signature dishes, which would be recognised from the first bite and remain unforgettable. Today RAMEKAI is one of the busiest Sushi Shops in Tbilisi with mostly “take away” concept. RAMEKAI is known for its great food, highest quality ingredients and relaxed Japanese atmosphere, where Chef continuously strives to offer new and extraordinary culinary experiences.

– “Our philosophy is to exercise in practice Japanese approach, love and aesthetics for food. We have set new standards for nourishment, new standards for communication, advertising and design, which in its’ turn would correspond our mission”- said G.Khvistani.

Today you can experience best of Japanese gastronomic adventures in one of the most fashionable, friendly and affordable places in the city, where you will get captivated by the vibrant tastes of Asia.

RAMEKAI” means “something good” in Georgian, so here’s a place that awaits you with something outstanding, good and unforgettable.

RAMEKAI – place where you are always welcome to experience a trip in wonderful Japan

With love: RAMEKAI Team

“Our main goal is to spread the love of Japanese cuisine and culture throughout Georgia”-

Giorgi Khvistani, “Ramekai” CEO and Executive Chef.