Welcome to “Ramekai” website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any meal from our site. Upon your acceptance of our terms and conditions stated here, please continue shopping with us.


“Ramekai” is a legal entity and its website www.ramekai.ge owned and operated by LTD “JapanGeorgia”. The company registration number is 402051060. LTD “JapanGeorgia” and the customer who transfers the order on www.ramekai.ge website and identifies itself by entering personal data, makes a consumer agreement. By accessing our site and placing an order you agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.



Terms and conditions are drawn up under Georgian legislation. In a case of dispute, the parties will try to resolve disputes through negotiations. Otherwise, the case shall be examined by the Court, under the Georgian legislation.

  1. The subject of Agreement.

1.1. The subject of the Agreement consists of the product presented at “Ramakai” website and this product delivery service to your desired location, whereby you pay in advance.

1.2. At any time, the service provider has the right to make any sort of changes at www.ramekai.ge service.

1.3. The service provider has the right to change unilaterally the terms of the Subject of 

Agreement and it is not obliged to notify the service user. 

2. The service provider’s obligations. 

2.1. To get and proceed customer order (if there are enough in stocks).

2.2. The delivery time is an average of 30 min -1 hour after receiving an order. 

2.3. Take care of the user’s data protection.

2.4. If delivery of the product to the specified address is not carried out due to reason related to “Ramekai”, the amount will be refunded to the customer as a non-cash payment within 2 working days.

2.5. Provide customers with a product made in compliance with quality, sanitary, and hygienic norms.

3. The customer’s obligations.

3.1. Provide accurate data to “Ramekai” (name, surname, address, telephone number, and e-mail).

3.2. Timely get an order from the representatives of “Ramekai”.

3.3. Make non-cash payments with their bank card.

3.4. On the website carefully read the product’s ingredients and in case of special allergies, check the composition of a dish with representatives of “Ramekai” to avoid any possible allergic reactions. In the case of allergies, the whole responsibility lies with the consumer.

4. Order and payment.

4.1 Entering the website www.ramekai.ge, a customer must indicate their location in the filed of delivery areas. “Ramekai” delivery service area is limited and includes only the center of Tbilisi.

4.2. The customer has to choose the product/s, which will be automatically allocated in the basket.

4.3. The customer has to log in or register (via a Facebook account or email and mobile number). Thereafter the personal “profile” page will be opened. It is desirable to verify the personal information on the “profile” page ( i.e.only the current mobile number should be indicated).

4.4. By returning to the shopping bag, the customer should click on the “Buy” column. The payment page will appear.

4.5. The customer has to choose the method of payment, in case of non-cash payment credit/debit card must be used, and in case of cash payment, the customer must indicate the banknote in the column ( it is obligatory to write a note).

4.6. Additional information graph’s filling is not mandatory. Optionally, customers can specify the details related to the address (eg entrance door code), dish, or the information required for the fulfillment of another order.

4.7. After making an order, the order confirmation message will be sent to the customer’s email.

4.8. On the website, mentioned prices include VAT. 

4.9. On the website, mentioned prices may change over time.

4.10. A refund of money is carried out only in case of non-delivery of “Ramekai” service. The inaccuracy of the address or post-factum order cancellation by the customer, do not consider any kind of refund. Refunds can only be proceeded by returning to the same account or by refunding the amount directly to the person making the order.

5. Final Clauses.

5.1. If any of the points in the contract are inconsistent with the law, or in the case of the adoption of other legal acts, the contract is not revoked. The service provider takes responsibility for replacing the inappropriate item with a new one.

5.2. The titles of chapters in the contract are intended only to facilitate the reading of the text and do not have the essence of a legal definition.

5.3. The terms and conditions of a website apply equally to all customers.

5.4. Ramekai’s team cares about the quality of service. To improve our service, or for any other inquiries, advice or constructive feedback please email us. Email: info@ramekai.ge or call us: +995593080044